Grow your company and people
as fast as humanly possible

BRUTAL HONESTY We always speak our minds openly, honestly, and with no sugar-coating. This is how we show respect and trust in others.
Obsessive 80/20 80/20 and simplicity are the foundation of efficiency and speed. We are determined to discover the 20%, simplify it, and focus on it FIRST.

Die Empty A good day for us is when we give it 110% - no fuel is left in the tank at the end of the day.
We push beyond the limit For us it is personal. Forget life/work balance. This is your life’s work. No pressure, no diamonds. No grit, no growth. Magic only happens out of the comfort zone.

Only the best is good enough Life is too short to be mediocre. We are committed to constant improvement.
KAIZEN Love the process, not the result. You know how far you can go only when you reach that far.


A company's success depends on the ability to understand three moving parts - the company, the industry, the people and the environment in which it operates and to master the interaction between them.


Master the art of prioritization

Successful companies do not get everything done; they get the most important things done first. Mater the fundamentals. Identify the 20% that will deliver the 80% of the result. Focus on it like a laser.


Strategy is the ability to say no

Only 7% of companies globally *have the right strategy and are able to execute it. How to design a customer-centric strategy that beats industry growth and profitability?


The 7-day fast track training on steroids

A company is only as big as the people it has. To grow your business, you must grow your people. Select your most talented employees to pass through a rigorous 7-day Fast Track training








Roman Senecky

[Managing director, Mondi SCP]

Fast Track is the best program we ever attended. HUGE impact. Left me inspired and able to start the domino today. This training will have a 50X impact on my people. It threw a spark into the dark


[Ypo Durban, CEO Frey's Food Brands (Pty) Ltd., South Africa]

I’ve been in YPO for 25 years. During that time, I attended 7 1 week Harvard programs, 2 Wharton University Programs, 2 London School of Business programs. I can safely say that what Fast Track and Christo have done is better than all of these put together – genius simplicity. So from a plug-and-play point of view and practical experience – it is phenomenal!

Xavier Carpinelli

[Partner, KPMG GLD and Associates, Monaco]

Simplicity - designed to make an impact. Brilliant!

Maria Bengtsson

[CEO, United Partners]

Christo's program equipped our executives with BEST IN CLASS tools and skills to develop a perfect, crystal CLEAR STRATEGY and get everyone aligned. Enthusiasm and inspiration throughout the organization skyrocketed. I was extremely impressed with the whole delivery and process and the phenomenal practical benefits.

Vishal Lakhani


I cannot thank Fast Track enough for the abundant clarity and "feel good" factor that my team and I are having after going through the program.

Aditya Agarwal


We are really blessed to have come into contact with Fast Track and Christo. Thank you so much.